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Busy Buttons art workshop at Royal Collections Trust' Family Festival - Windsor Castle

QUEEN VICTORIA'S CIRCUS  was a wonderful Family Festival arranged by the Royal Collection Trust on at Windsor Castle to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Queen Victoria's birth! In 1847 , George Wombwell set up his circus complete with elephants, tigers, rhinos, lion tamer, Ms Ellen Chapman, monkeys, snakes, and many other fascinating creatures in the very same Quadrangle at Windsor Castle upon Queen Victoria's request and caused a stir of excitement in the whole town. This event was organised to bring an essence of the memorable event celebrating  Queen Victoria's anniversary and to remind us of the bygone Victorian Era. Several amazing performers, specialists, puppeteers, professionals put on some very informative and intriguing shows. Busy Buttons specially designed an Art workshop busting with creativity to celebrate this special occasion. It was well received and people enjoyed and appreciated the beautiful keepsake. It was a great opportunity offered to our youth 'Ambassadors  of Art' to gain for this amazing experience.


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